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Everything that we do revolves around preparing for the unexpected, the reduction and transfer of risk, and keeping the definition of indemnity true to its indended meaning.

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Individual Customization

The insurance industry is continuing to move towards automation and the advances in technology have been very benefical for personal insurance and small number of businesses, but the industry is a long way from meeting the complex needs of most commercial operations.

Our team at Central Specialty Risk have the experience, knowledge, and product offerings to individually review your needs and customize a plan to protect what you have built and want to maintain. In our litigious society this is something that many businesses later regret having done without.

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Our Range of Capibilites:
From Main Street to International Operations

Although we do provide services for many "Main Street" businesses, Central Specialty Risk focuses on the more specialized and complex type of risk. We work directly with business owners, corporate risk managers, and also other insurance agencies to fullfill specialized needs.

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